Shoeman Nature

My photography project gallery 'Shoeman Nature' has been added to the site!

Incidentally, 'Shoeman Nature' my first solo photo exhibition. It was presented at the Centre of Nothern Photography's venue during February 2017 in Oulu, Finland.

Inspiration behind "Shoeman Nature"

At this point of time, for me, the "Shoeman Nature" stands for something along these lines: human nature, alter egos, one of a kinds, personal thought processes, stepping into shoeman's shoes, looking back at the steps of life, looking at oneself, past memories or dreams of life to come, you and me, you or me, some one, one life.

I began toying with a similar theme or idea of photographing a pair of shoes in different life situations already in the mid ’90s while active at my university camera club. Now some 20 years later the renamed “shoeman” resurfaced from my subconscious somewhere. A particular image ( the one with shoes looking at the lantern with a cande inside, door hinged open = maybe a passage for the spirit or soul or memory of the person to enter the cosmos, heaven or sacred fields of afterworld...) photographed in November 2016 In Memoriam my late cousin somehow kicked off the whole process actually.

Shoeman Nature gallery